Beckon Hill Farms

Regenerative Farming for Northern Michigan

Scottish Highland Cattle

Idaho Pasture Pigs

From our farm to your table, we are your "Up North" source for grassfed pork and wood-fired maple syrup. Our pure maple syrup, with a unique s'more-like flavor that comes from being wood-fired, is packed with antioxidants. Our grassfed pork, available by the whole or half pig, is priced competitively with grocery stores' factory-farmed pork but is more flavorful, humanely raised, and nutritionally superior. And when you directly support regenerative farming with your grocery budget, you're making an investment in the development of a sustainable, healthy, and dramatically different alternative to the prevailing system of resource intensive, ecologically devastating, industrialized food production.

In addition to our farm to table products, we are happy to support other regenerative farmers by supplying livestock born on our farm and pastured from day one. Scottish Highland cattle and Idaho Pasture Pigs are the only breeds we raise because they flourish outdoors through our harsh winters and thrive on pasture, offering relatively low feed expenses with highly nutritious outcomes. We provide farrow to feeder stock for those who want to raise the best for their own families, as well as breeding stock for those who wish to raise these hearty breeds for their community. 

"How we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used." - Wendell Berry

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