Beckon Hill Farms

Livestock Sales

In addition to our farm to table products, we are happy to support other regenerative farmers by supplying livestock born on our farm and pastured from day one. Scottish Highland cattle and Idaho Pasture Pigs are the only breeds we raise because they flourish outdoors through our harsh winters and thrive on pasture, offering relatively low feed expenses with highly nutritious outcomes. We provide farrow to feeder stock for those who want to raise the best for their own families, as well as breeding stock for those who wish to raise these hearty breeds for their community. 

Idaho Pasture Piglets & Feeder Pigs

Registered and Unregistered Piglets:  Leap Year February 29, 2024 litter

We have 8 piglets (6 barrows and 2 gilts) from our leap year litter born to our sow Blanche (and Clyde) on February 29, 2024.    Most look registered quality but we make that determination at about the six week point where we wean and castrate on the same day. Prices are be $125 for feeders and $250 for registered gilts. 

Registered and Unregistered Barrows and GiltsOctober 2023 litter

We have 1 gilt and 3 barrows remaining from the litter born to our sow Bonnie (and Clyde) on October 5th.  $175 each for these feeder pigs.  The price is higher because they are older pigs that will be ready for butcher later this summer  (grass feed pasture raised pigs take a longer time to get to butcher weight by 3 - 4 months than grain fed hogs).   

Next Litter Available for Purchase:   Estimated April litter weaned in late May 2024.

We are estimating our next litter of piglets from Bonnie & Clyde will be available sometime in May 2024.  Prices will be $125 for feeders, $250 for registered gilts and $300 for registered boars. 

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