Beckon Hill Farms

Farm To Table & Livestock Sales

At Beckon Hill Farms, we know you want to be healthy and fill your table with highly nutritious foods, whether you're looking for the micronutrients of grassfed pork or the delicious antioxidants in pure maple syrup. We began Beckon Hill Farms to provide for our family, and are delighted to now be able to offer our products to your family.

Livestock Sales

In addition to our farm to table products, we are happy to support other regenerative farmers by supplying livestock born on our farm and pastured from day one. Scottish Highland cattle and Idaho Pasture Pigs are the only breeds we raise because they flourish outdoors through our harsh winters and thrive on pasture, offering relatively low feed expenses with highly nutritious outcomes. We provide farrow to feeder stock for those who want to raise the best for their own families, as well as breeding stock for those who wish to raise these hearty breeds for their community.