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From our farm to your table, we are your "Up North" source for grassfed pork and wood-fired maple syrup. Our pure maple syrup, with a unique s'more-like flavor that comes from being wood-fired, is packed with antioxidants. And when you directly support regenerative farming with your grocery budget, you're making an investment in the development of a sustainable, healthy, and dramatically different alternative to the prevailing system of resource intensive, ecologically devastating, industrialized food production.

Maple Syrup

Wood-fired Maple Syrup  $15/pint  (Limited Quantities)

Available on the farm & The Village Mart, Cross Village

There's a unique flavor in wood-fired syrup that we can't get enough of; that's the main reason we go to the trouble of harvesting, drying, and splitting wood for our syrup operations while most commercial syrup operations use gas to heat their syrup.

The unique flavor of our wood-fired syrup is likely due to two things: the increased caramelization of the syrup over the extremely high heat of the wood fire, and the wisps of wood smoke that blow over the surface of the syrup, giving it just a tinge of smokiness. Think s'mores over a campfire, sweet with a subtle smoke essence.

It's how syrup's been processed for hundreds of years, and we think you can taste the difference.

Additionally, our dried wood is sustainable, renewable, and abundant in our sugarbush. In order to maintain the health of our woodland, it is helpful to cull diseased trees, open the canopy for desirable trees while improving the conditions for different flora and fauna. Good forest management practices allow for harvesting firewood while enabling the forest as a whole to improve and ultimately store more carbon. We also like that, by burning wood, we reduce our farm's dependence on fossil fuels.

Maple syrup nutrition is impressive when it comes to supplying protective antioxidants. The medical journal Pharmaceutical Biology revealed that pure maple syrup contains up to 24 different antioxidants. Maple syrup contains zinc and manganese in fairly high amounts, in addition to potassium and calcium.  

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Mike tapping trees for sap collection.